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Get your practice in without having to leave the house with Shak-TV!

We're bringing you quality video instruction from some of your favorite Shakti teachers.


Classes include several styles and levels of Yoga (including practices dedicated to breath and meditation), Mat Pilates, and Barre.

Choose the practice from our catalog that fits your needs and your schedule. We upload new videos periodically throughout the year. Not sure if you want to commit to a monthly subscription? You can rent any video for 48 hours and view it as many times as you'd like for only $3. Or, download your favorite classes for only $5/video! You can cancel your subscription at any time, although, we doubt you'll want to!

Try these videos for FREE right now!

If you like what you see, subscribe below!


To cancel your subscription, click the channel and sign in.

Choose any video, and in the upper left corner,

click the profile icon and choose "unsubcribe."