While there are several class options for beginners to choose from, this class is the one that's geared specifically toward those who are new or newer to Yoga or who want to get back to the roots of the practice. We'll dig into the fundamental concepts of an asana (posture) practice including breath work, some philosophy and flow at a much more informative and slower pace than other classes. This allows for plenty of time for personal modifications, assistance, exploration, and for the roots to take hold. This class is perfect for those who wish to feel the comfort and camaraderie of being able to grow with other new students in a supportive environment.




An all-levels class that focuses on relaxing and releasing tension in the mind as well as the body. This practice may include some or all of the following: gentle movements to warm the body and soothe the mind, active stretches, passive Yin and Restorative holds to get into the connective tissue and release muscle tension, and dedicated time for breath work for focus and balance.  We'll take our time and give you ample opportunity to exhale and let go. A perfect class for those who want to work more on stress relief and gaining flexibility rather than strength.




Santosha is contentment. This is an all-levels, Hatha style, feel-good Yoga class that celebrates all that our bodies are capable of, and, even the things they aren't! What do you need today?  Let go of striving for what you don't have and accept where you are and what you have now. This practice will be slow and steady to give you plenty of time to move from and be in postures. Modifications will be offered as we work on building strength and endurance as well as balance and flexibility. There will also be dedicated time for breath work to help you leave feeling balanced and at peace with what is. 


Yoga Quickie


Get in, and get it done with this short, sweet, yet satisfying, 45min Mixed level vinyasa class!


6:00am classes will be cancelled at 9pm the night before if there are less than 3 registrants.

 Please cancel your registration by 9pm to avoid being charged for the visit.




Half movement, half stillness. In this class, we'll begin with a moderate Vinyasa practice to warm the body and slightly fatigue the muscles. This will facilitate relaxation of the muscles so that we can more efficiently access the joints and connective tissue during our Yin portion of the class. The Yin segment is made up of floor based postures that are held for several minutes at a time to encourage deeper opening of the body and it's energy pathways (meridians).





Mat Pilates


This is the floor work version of the Pilates Method exercises with the addition of some contemporary techniques. It is a low impact form of exercise that focuses on small, precise, movements originating from the core. These movements work every muscle in the body in an efficient manner, and are paired with focused breathing patterns. Pilates aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment, flexibility, and body/mind awareness.


Pilates Reformer Foundations


This slower paced class focuses on learning and practicing  fundamental Pilates techniques and basic reformer exercises. The Pilates reformer will help you find greater, flexibility, strength, body awareness, and coordination no matter your experience or fitness level. No previous Pilates experience is necessary as modifications will be offered.  However, we do recommend starting out with our private introductory package to help get you more acquainted with the equipment and address any personal concerns.


Mixed Level Pilates Reformer


In this equipment Pilates class, we'll adjust our teaching to suit the levels of the students who sign up. Modifications and advancing variations will be offered for most exercises. It is recommended that you have some experience with the equipment before joining a group class. 




This floor based practice is designed to soothe the body and mind by completely supporting our postures with bolsters, blankets, and blocks and by allowing for plenty of time in each posture. This helps students of every level ease their way into, and enjoy the benefits of, deep relaxation.  Restorative yoga can bring stillness to the busy mind, releases muscle tension, increases vagal tone, and may improve sleep. So often we are moving through the day, unaware or unable to reflect on muscle tension. This “fight or flight” response becomes the dominant operating system and can cascade to many lasting effects. Restorative yoga creates an opening to the “rest and digest” side of our nervous system.  Enjoy this opportunity to practice self-care and leave with a renewed sense of awareness and possibly a deeper sense of compassion for yourself and others.


Yin Yoga


Ready to take your dynamic yoga practice to a more meditative place? By bringing postures closer to the earth, inviting an appropriate degree of sensation, and finding stillness for a few minutes at a time, we can explore the opening of the body, and the mind's reaction to it. The breath is used to expand our ability to soften around these feelings. At its most basic, Yin can be used to increase flexibility, but on deeper levels there is much more going on. Our chattering minds tend to resist stillness, especially when we are asking our bodies to settle into mild sensation (however never painful sensation). Yin offers the opportunity to explore our physical range while simultaneously providing latitude to soften the wild fluctuations of the mind. 




Tap into the radiant energy of the sun in this feel-good flow! This mixed level vinyasa class has sun salutations at it’s core. We'll start you off slowly to get the juices flowing, then build up to some fiery, and fun variations for you to explore. As always, do what you can and don't worry about the rest! Emphasis is placed on the breath in connection to the movement which assists us in being fully present. Plenty of time will be left at the end of practice to unwind and relax, leaving you glowing from the inside out!


Align-Lunar Edition


We are made of stardust. What is going on in nature and the cosmos is also going on inside of us. We are not separate. Just like the gravitational pull of the moon creates the ocean tides, we, being mostly made of water, are also ebbing and flowing with the different phases of the moon. In this practice we tap into and align with the intention setting and manifesting qualities of the new moon, the forgiving, gracious, and releasing qualities of the full moon, and the qualities of the Zodiac sign that the moon is currently in. Each moon cycle has it's own flavor so each practice will be slightly different. All sessions will include discussion of the current moon phase and how it might affect us, Chandra Namaskara (moon salutations), additional asanas that correlate with the sign the moon is in, guided meditation, and time for journaling. Connecting with the moon reconnects us to our divine selves and reminds us that we're all a part of something much bigger. 

Please bring a journal and a pen.




This class is great for those who are comfortable and familiar with Vinyasa (flow) Yoga and are willing to explore new territory in their practice. It is a challenging flow class with options for more advanced pose variations, complex transitions, inversions, and arm balances. All of these are meant to help you own your strength, find your confidence, and help you feel empowered as you experience "a-ha" moments on your mat. Come with a sense of curiosity and play and take child's pose or modify when needed. 




An upbeat combo of cardio, strengthening, and stretching, this class will take you through 15 minutes each of Barre, Pilates, and Yoga! Please inform your instructor of any limitations prior to the start of class. 


Pilates Reformer Explorations


This class flows at a moderate pace and offers progressions on the basic exercises you already know. It also introduces  new and more challenging ways to explore movement,  mind/body connection, coordination and choreography on the PIlates Reformer. Students at this intermediate level should have a few months of Reformer experience and be able to hold a plank and a bridge.

Wondering where to start?

We recommend "Roots" for Yoga and Mat Pilates for Pilates.
Classes with the Yoga pose shown above are additional beginner friendly options.