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Introduction to Yogic Meditation Workshop
Sunday, March 19th 10:30am-12:30pm.  $40


For millennia, yogis have taught meditation as a tool for optimal health and vibrant living.


With regular practice, yogic meditation has the potential to shift our mental and emotional health to a more cohesive, alert, and calm state of being. The benefits of meditation have been widely researched and include improved sleep, better focus and concentration, reduced levels of stress and anxiety, and reduced symptoms of depression and PTSD.

In the workshop, you will:


  • Be guided through a breathing, asana, relaxation, and meditation practice

  • Learn a systematic, 5-step approach to yogic meditation

  • Learn foundational qualities of healthy breathing that will support good overall health and an easeful experience of meditation

  • Experience accessible practices that you can do at home and incorporate into your yoga practice

  • Establish comfort and stability in your meditation seat

Whether you are a beginner or experienced with meditation, this workshop is designed to teach you tools and techniques that will support good overall health and serve as a foundation for starting or continuing a meditation practice.

This workshop will also be offered virtually through zoom. If you can't make it live, we will send you the recording and you have 2 days to access it. Please be sure to sign up for the "zoom" version of the workshop if you don't plan to attend at the studio. 

Please register by the end of the day, Friday, March 17th.


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